Discover some budget-friendly and authentic best 8 person tent

best 8 person tent

Whether it is about camping or any other outdoor trip, tents are the most valuable asset that cannot be overlooked. These days, there are a wide range of tents accessible with inimitable features and specifications. They come with an extra room that could have a sleeping space. When the weather is not supporting your outdoor trips any longer, you can acquire the desired shelter inside these well-groomed tents like the best 8 person tent.

Such kinds of tents also give room for storing your stuff that could easily be damaged by the weather conditions. Overall, these tents are known for offering an extra bit of flexibility and comfortness.

However, choosing an elegant eight-person tent is still a nerve-racking work as you have to pick from the best brands. As a purchaser, you need to decide how much people will adjust in such tents. In addition to this factor, you have to check the materials, durability, price, and other decisive factors.To have the Best 8 person tent quickly, you should undergo the following reviews and the buying guide at least once:

Top 5 eight person tent for camping

  • Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent
  • Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent
  • Coleman 8-Person Camping Tent with Built-in Closet
  • CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 14' x 9'
  • Coleman Octagon 98 8-Person Outdoor Tent

We have listed 5 best 8 person tents. From which you can choose your favorite 8 people tent.

01. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

best 8 person tent

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent is ideal for those greater outdoors trips with your loved ones and when you need to hold everybody under one cover. Well, coming to the dimensions of this tent they are L 16′ X W 11′ X 6.5 H. 

In addition to the dimensions, the best 8 man tent is made of two segments including the fundamental lodging and a screened patio.

The primary lodging area suits four or five decently easily while the yard can include another two-three on the off chance that you have to press individuals in. 

In any case, the entryway is inverted T-style, inside flex style to shield any falling precipitation from getting inside. There is a lot of ventilation everywhere throughout the Best 8 person tent.

Moving to the features of this particular tent, you can remember the steel uprights as well as the removable seam-sealed fly. As per the 8 person tent reviews, it has got the inside flap zippered windows that automatically improves your experience.


  • Comes with a convertible screen space
  • Inverted T-style door
  • Inside flap zippered windows
  • Shock-corded fibreglass roof frame
  • Mesh-roof vents
  • Removable seam-sealed fly
  • Steel uprights
  • The pin combined with corner elbows


  • Separate rooms - in this particular product, you get to separate rooms that include one screen room with the floor and the main room.
  • Design & style- The best 8 man tent is available in a cabinet style that automatically implies durability and low maintenance. It can also be a dome style tent.
  • Lightweight & easy to set up- you should also know that this tent is very lightweight that makes it easy to carry from one place to another. Likewise, the Best 8 person tent is very easy to set up within some minutes.


  • During bigger storms, the water can come through in this tent
  • It contains one door out and in of the main space that is not good

2. Coleman Elite Montana 8 Person Tent

best 8 man tent

When it comes to outdoor recreational tools, Coleman is a very popular and admired name. Whether it is about the reputation or the quality, you get everything in the products made by this brand. You can plan a special outdoor trip with your family or loved ones after having the Best 8 person tent.

As a buyer, you need to know that this particular item has enough headroom that you can feel highly comfortable in it. It comes with the considerable centre height that becomes ideal for taller people.  As per the 8 person tent reviews, it is a wonderful selection.

In this product, you also get the weathertec property that will improve the performance. You should even know that an 8 person waterproof tent comes in a robust wind-resistant frame that insurance it working while coming across bigger storms.

Overall, it can be a highly valuable 8 person tent for your outdoor trips and camping. For more details, you can check the 8 person tents reviews.


  • 75D flysheet Polyester taffeta
  • 6 ft. 2 in. height
  • Comes in 4 Pole modified dome design
  • It has the colour-coded pole sleeves and poles
  • It contains the Hinged door
  • 16 ft. X 7 ft.
  • LED tent light with 3 settings high, low, a nightlight


  • Three settings- the biggest benefit of this product is that it offers three different settings like a nightlight, high, and low.
  • A hinged door- there is a hinged door you get in this item for improving exit and entry. It also comes with the color coded poles leaves and poles. Check 8 person tents reviews for more details.
  • Affordable- with such magnificent features and specifications, this seems to be a highly affordable tent.
  • Quick setup time – you only need to spend a few minutes in order to set up the Best 8 person tent.


  • The porch of this 8-person tent does not prevent sagging while camping closer to beach areas.

3. Coleman 8-Person Camping Tent with Built-in Closet

best 8 person tent reviews

Now, you can experience the solace of your home while going on an outing with this 8 person waterproof tent by Coleman. The creases include trend-setting innovation to keep water from entering. Additionally, the vents can attract cooling air and discharge tourists to keep within space constantly agreeable.

Highlighting an open floor plan, the Best 8 person tent can oblige numerous individuals in your family. The work roof boards permit you to see through. Also, the thick, wide layer of tape is fixed to the rainfly texture makes it hard for downpour and wind to experience.

Coming to the special advantages of this 8 person tent, you can talk about this spacious and open area it has. In addition to the spacious feature, this product has got some advanced vents for a premium quality air circulation. Check 8 person tents reviews for more info regarding this wonderful tent.

Mesh panels are also there to get superior and magnificent views from your 8 person waterproof tent. According to the experts, distance doesn’t allow wind or rain to disturb you while you are camping.


  • It contains a built-in closet with shelves and hanger bar.
  • Available in the Fast Pitch design
  • Spacious 8-person design
  • A room divider
  • WeatherTec system
  • Patented welded floors
  • Inverted seams


  • Built-in closet with shelves - this special product includes the built-in closet with the shelves to assist people in staying organized. This 8 person tent reviews also give a hanger bar for improving the convenience.
  • E-port - in this product, you get the E-port that ensures the convenience of bringing electrical power inside the 6 8 person tent.
  • Fast pitch design- due to this important design, you only need to spend a few minutes to set up this outdoor tent.
  • A room divider - you also get a room divider that improves privacy while being in this outdoor 6 8 person tent.


  • The zipper of this 8 person tent is relatively difficult to shut off
  • The headroom in this tent does not look sufficient

4. CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 14' x 9'

best 12 person tent

Whether you accept or not, but this particular tent made by CODE is a great 6 8 person tent for outdoor trips or camping.  Whether it is about the waterproof feature or the functionality, this outdoor tent will improve your experiences. As a buyer, you would love the instant 60 seconds setup.

Moreover, you can talk about the H20 block technology that prevents water very quickly in comparison to the conventional outdoor tents.  In the Best 8 person tent, you get all vital features.

These top rated 8 person tents don’t have any kind of problem with strong winds and rain as it can easily bear them. It includes two big doors for better air circulation. We can also remember the advanced venting system of this product.

Lastly, you can talk about the mesh roof of this product that promotes convenience and comfort. The massive interior space of this product can easily fit 2 queen size mattresses.


  • It carries a carry bag, tent stakes, and the rain fly
  • Electrical cord access port
  • 60 Second Setup
  • Fits two queen air mattresses
  • An adjustable ground vent
  • A room divider
  • CORE H20 Block Technology


  • The storage pockets- this particular product has additional storage pockets that will keep your stuff neat and prevented from any kind of damage. These top rated 8 person tents also have a room divider for improving your privacy.
  • E-port- it has a reliable electrical cord access port to bring the electricity into the tent.
  • Quick and hassle-free setup- it comes with such materials and design that it might take only 60 seconds to set up.
  • Durability- the core H20 block technology and the adjustable ground vent ensure the overall durability of this product without any doubt.
  • Extra supplies- in terms of the extra supplies, this product has got a carry bag, rainfly, as well as the tent stakes that can assist you while you are camping with your family and friends.


  • It does not have ties to grasp the window panels efficiently when unwrapped

5. Coleman Octagon 98 8-Person Outdoor Tent

best 8 person tents reviews

While looking for the Best 8 person tent for 8 persons, you have come to this spectacular product. It is a special 3-season two-room tent that comes with a hinged door and a lot of impressive features.

First of all, you can remember the two-room design, hinged door, full coverage fly, and several other such unique features in this 8 person tent. Doormats are also included in this product to improve the user experience.

It weighs only 49.3 lb or 22.4 kg that makes this product very lightweight. WeatherTec system is also there in this product that will keep the users dry and prevented from any problem. You get the top rated 8 person tents from the same brand.

In addition to the features, the best 8 man tent has a spacious interior for the users. It can easily fit to queen size airbeds for 8 adults in their sleeping bags. It also has got the full coverage zipper drain fly that can work as the outer cover for the product.


  • 13 x 13 feet Measures
  • It withstands 35+ MPH winds
  • 68D Polyester Taffeta
  • octagon design fits 2 queen air beds
  • WeatherTec system
  • patented welded floors
  • It has inverted seams
  • Affordable


  • The octagon design- you must know that this particular product has an octagon design. As a result, you can easily fit to queen size air beds in it. In addition to the mattresses, it can be better for 8 people with their sleeping bags.
  • Strong frame - the strong frame of this particular product will empower it to withstand 35 + mph winds without any doubt. Hence, this top rated 8 person tent could be a great choice.
  • WeatherTec system - the availability of the WeatherTec system shows that this product will keep you dry during heavy rain and winds.
  • Welded floors - the welded floors of this product ensure that the biggest Storms will not make any kind of impact on your outgoing or camping.


  • It also includes two sets of pockets that are very tiny
  • There is no electric port

A Buying Guide for the best 8 person tents

best rain tent

After determining the reviews of some recommended 8 person tents, you can move to the buying guide for the same products.  Buying a reliable or the Best 8 person tent it is not an easy thing, especially with a lack of knowledge and experience.

A dependable 8 person tent is always required when you go on camping with your family or friends. You cannot lack this particular tool while going outside as it protects you from extreme weather conditions. This is where you can introduce yourself to some necessary criteria, features, or any other tips.

To make work of buying a trustable 8 person tent easier and simpler, you can go through the following factors and points without any doubt:


The biggest consideration you should have while buying such top rated 8 person tent could be the dimensions. You should know how many people search for products that can easily accommodate. You need to ensure that the product has ample space for everyone.

The height of outdoor tents depends on the height of the users. It means you should check the height of the outdoor tent you are looking to buy.


Most importantly, you need to ensure that you spend money on buying outdoor tents that have stability as a feature. You need to decide the material used in the making of the outdoor tent you are buying.

Today, you can decide between the fiberglass frames and the aluminum frames according to your convenience and requirements. There are several 8 person tents frames available that made from the Steel.


Among the most important factors, your budget is still the most decisive thing you should put in your consideration. Such kind of top rated 8 person tent may vary in terms of the buying price. This is why you need to decide the budget you have made.

As per the experts, you can check the durability and quality of the products to decide their deserving price. You can find the premium quality of 8 people tent a little bit more expensive. So, be careful about your budget while buying the camping tent.

Weight & size

Of course, you need to determine the overall weight and size of your camping tent before referring it. If you purchase the 8 people tent, you can expect to have heavier tents. However, there are some brands that provide lightweight camping 8 person tents. 

You can decide the compartments, rooms, and the overall space during the same time. It means you need to prefer a lightweight camping best 8 person tents.

On the other hand, the size of your camping tent is very important to consider. You need to ensure that the 8 person tents will surely accommodate everyone quite comfortably.

An 8 people tent will be better for you to reassess the size of the camping tent according to your needs at least once or twice.

Extra essential features

Despite the mentioned features, you need to ensure that the best 8 person tents you have chosen will have an electrical port. The electronic ports are necessary to get for bringing the electric power in your 8 person family tent for charging your devices or any other purpose.

Privacy is yet another decisive factor that should come into your mind while buying such products. Make sure there are room dividers and other several features for improving your privacy in the 8 person tents.

Finally, you can determine the visibility of your camping best 8 person tents according to the shades they have. The shades can play a decisive role when it comes to the experience and overall looks of your camping tents.

Make sure that you will not overlook these essential factors and consider while buying the best 8 person instant tent. Similarly, you can undergo the best 8 person tent reviews to ensure that you get maximum support from outside sources.

Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs

best eight person tent

Q. Why you should get a hinged door in your 8 person tents?

Answer: The Hinged door is a very important aspect of such kinds of eight person tents. They are necessarily improving the convenience of users when they are entering or exiting. To ensure that you can conveniently exit or enter from or to your tent, the hinged doors are very important to have in your eight person tents.

Q. How much the thickness of your 8 person tents should be?

Answer: The thickness of your eight person tents is another decisive factor you have to fit in your brain. You can find materials like nylon, ripstop, and aluminized nylon. So, think about the breathability that is an essential feature of your 8 person family tent. If the thickness is sufficient, you will feel more comfortable in your camping tent.

Q. Is it vital to have a room divider in your 8 person tents?

Answer: For the purpose of improving privacy and safety, your 8 person family tent should always have a room divider. The makers should provide room dividers because they enhance the level of privacy while camping with friends and unknowns. Check 8 man tent reviews for further details about the room dividers.

Q. How much you can pay for 8 person tents?

Answer: For buying 8 person family tents, you might need to spend a little bit more money. However, you need to be ensuring about the quality, durability, and life span of such camping tents to decide the right price.

Q. Is the tent price is same in online market or outside market?

Answer: According to the tent it will be same price in the both platform. Most of the time The price are dependable on the update products. So in the end the price dose not change much in the both platform.


By going through the mentioned above reviews and buying guide, you might have a great understanding of choosing the best 8 person tent for the money available in the market. While buying such kinds of outdoor tents, always address your requirements. Budget will always be one of the key factors to look in your tents.

Always make sure that you by the camping 8 person tent review that provides weatherproof design for the best protection against extreme weather conditions. In addition to the weatherproof design, you can go with camping tents that have a breathable mesh roof. Alongside the design, the camping tent should have a commendable ventilation system for maintaining the air circulation in the camping tents for 8 person.

Now, you can take enough time and try to match your budget and requirements with any of the mentioned camping best 8 person instant tent. Hopefully, this article will let you purchase the cheapest and quality 8 person tents.

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