Best sleeping pad for hammock (Reviews and Buying Guide)

best sleeping pad for hammock

Are you camping or backpacking, how do you plan to sleep?  It is not fun to lie down on the ground. Fortunately, there is the best gear, a hammock sleeping pad that can keep you away from wet and cold grounds.Buying the best sleeping pad for hammock while going outside for a few days is the right option. This ensures you have extra comfort and stability as you sleep. The best hammock pad keeps you tucked safely in chilly evenings and warmer in the air while sleeping.

Note: However, ensure you prevent the heat from escaping from your hammock bottom.

Top 7 sleeping pad for hammock

Here is a compiled list of the best sleeping pad for hammock camping suitable for any adventures outdoor:

Klymit has come with another sleeping pad that is engineered to sleep comfortably. It retains the heat and ensures quality sleeping. Klymit is a popular brand that is high reliable the best sleeping pad for hammock.


  • Extremely compact: The hammock pad features insulated static that it is compact to fit in any of your bags. The kit can fit in an integrated pocket of your storage bag
  • Unique construction: The construction and the pattern of Klymit is unique, offering a comfortable and secure experience while sleeping. The rails at the side keep you in the pad center, even as you move in your sleep.
  • VShape: The V-shape in the Klymit sleeping pad has added to the utmost comfort, regardless of your sleeping position. The V-shape allows you to sleep on your back, side or stomach.
  • Tough: The polyester material is sturdy and the weight is minimal. This makes it exceptional. Besides, it provides abrasion, puncture and superior tear resistance.
  • Handles all conditions: Regardless of harsh conditions, this hammock mattress serves the right purpose. It enables inflating in 10-15 breaths. Quick deflation is possible as there is a twist pull valve, a wide opening.


  • 75D polyester material
  • Dimension 5 x 8 x 6.5 inches
  • Weight 1.5 pounds
  • R-value 4.4
  • Large and insulated


  • Comes with a patch kit
  • Tear and puncture-resistant
  • lightweight


  • Low R-Value

The Therm-a-Rest self-inflating camping foam mattress is the best sleeping pad for hammock. It provides the anticipated additional comfort as it has expandable foam. It is suitable for all the seasons and ensures to be a functional product.


  • Several sizes: Therm-A-Rest camping hammock mattress is available in varying sizes and weighs half the regular size mattress weight, proving as lightweight. The mattress ensures a better fit and function to suit different heights of campers. It has a full size of 77 inches and 47 inches for children.
  • Solid built: There is the solid polyurethane foam core in the built assuring the fabric durability that retains body heat all night, thereby a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Light packing: The foam core is expandable but is compressing, offering easy packing.
  • Better function: The diagonal-cut offer the much-required warmth, and the supportive loft offers comfort without adding weight unnecessarily, ensuring it is the best sleeping pad for hammock camping.
  • Self-inflating design: As it is self-inflating, there is no need to blow air each time. However, if you wish you can include a few breaths and make it firmer. The Therm-A-Rest mattress features a self-inflating design making it a multi-purpose sleeping pad and the best sleeping pad for hammock.


  • Polyurethane and urethane material
  • Dimension 72 x 20 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight 1.5 pounds
  • Regular, large or small sizes
  • Grey color


  • Easy to use and comfortable
  • Rectangular shape provides gapless mattresses
  • Self-inflatable
  • Low price


  • Slightly bulkier

Another product from Klymit that claims to the best sleeping pad for hammock is the most durable sleeping pad without compromising quality. It is a great choice for hiking, camping, backpacking, and travel. Any frequent camper cannot miss this Static V2 sleeping pad from Klymit.


  • V chamber design: Klymit products are the best sleeping pad for hammock . They include the best sleeping pads and now with V-chamber design, the air movement is limited and insulation is increased. The V-chambers offer better comfort and support on lying on the hammock.
  • Static V2: The static V2 offers 1.3 R-value that it suits even the warmer adventures.  The durable polyester material with static V2 ensures handling extreme weather conditions proving as the best sleeping pad for hammock camping.
  • Lightweight: The polyester materials keep to minimum weight; besides it features tear and puncture resistance. The Klymit hammock pad is redesigned as ultralight and suits perfectly as backpacker-friendly.
  • Patch kit: The patch kit is helpful during emergency repairs, ensuring you are not left out to suffer in the cold. Klymit is odor-free and prevents microorganism buildup as it is armed with anti-microbial laminate.
  • Integrated rails: These rails in the hammock mattress ensure to keep you in the pad centered so that you do not fall out, even as you toss or turn. There are loft pockets also to fill the gaps and increase warmth.


  • 75D and 30D polyester
  • Dimension 72x23x2.5 inches
  • 33 ounces weight
  • Regular size
  • Bright green in color


  • High R-Value
  • Easy to transport
  • Sturdy looks


  • A little pricey

Therm-a-Rest is a classic camping gear that offers a distinct pattern. The materials and the innovative design in this air mattress make it the best sleeping pad for hammock, an ideal choice even for summers. It is a pricy option featuring a new design.


  • Ultimate expedition: Therm-A-Rest NeoAir XTherm air mattress ensures to be the ultimate expedition friend as the best sleeping pad for hammock. Maximum warmth is assured.
  • All-seasons: The design features a padded layer to suit any cold, harsh conditions. Radiant heat gets trapped in the ThermaCapture technology, ensuring a restful night. Summer or winter, the tapered design of the best hammock sleeping pad is innovative that it is suitable for rugged environments and lightweight expeditions.
  • Easy inflate: It is easy to inflate and does not take more than two minutes to set up. The sleep surface is textured such that it ensures noise reduction and stability, assuring it is the best hammock sleeping pad .
  • Hassle-free: The NeoAir XTherm material has a textured design. The design is ultralight and ensures comfort. The fabric is no-slip assured that it keeps a check you do not fall out of the hammock pad. The lightweight features ascertain your travel hassle-free and light.
  • Compact: The feature of lightweight is added with compact. It is thin, featuring a 5.7 R-value that you stay cozy and warm. The triangular matrix stack layers packs into a one-liter bottle size, proving to be compact.


  • Reflective ThermaCapture layers
  • Dimension 77 x 25/20 x 2.5 inches
  • 26 pounds weight
  • Two sizes
  • Innovative design


  • All seasons mattress
  • High R-value
  • Two size variants


  • Expensive

If you want a sleeping pad that is the best sleeping pad for hammock, super comfortable for escapades outdoor, then here it is the Wellax featuring ultra-thick flex foam pad. It also requires no inflation, assuring complete support and stability.  Nothing can beat the warmth, weight balance, and comfort of this pad.


  • Optimal comfort: The Wellax ultra-thick sleeping pad offers optimal warmth and comfort. Your camp nights rest is assured and the morning is more than perfect. It is because no annoying discomfort is experienced due to the ultra flex mattress in memory foam.
  • Lightweight: There is the convenience of being compact with the self-inflating feature. The hiking trips are comfortable with the 9.5 R-value and the high-loft 3 inches thickness. Its lightweight features make it the best sleeping pad for hammock, an ideal choice for all the outdoor activity.
  • Progressive design: The Rip-stop nylon in association with the TPU layer, has presented this progressive design suitable as camping equipment. This design offers durability and comfort in balance. It is tear/abrasion resistant, virtually silent. There is no noise and the pad can be used anywhere, in the sleeping bag, tent or any hard surface.
  • Inflate/Deflate ease: The ease of this advanced technology is done through 2 valves. Say goodbye to old efforts and enjoy this all-season perfect mattress.
  • Luxurious feel: This sleeping pad enhances the camping experience as it relaxes your muscles and calms your stress, that it offers a luxurious feel.


  • 10D Nylon Rip-stop and TPU layer
  • Dimension 77 x 30 x 3 inches
  • 95 pounds weight
  • 3 inches thick
  • Thermal resistance


  • Exterior material gives a nice feel
  • Stays inflated
  • Super thick


  • The bag is too small

Are you planning to go outdoor; then Outdoorsman sleeping pad is the best sleeping pad for hammock, that will come within your budget. It assures to offer durability and extreme comfort, and all this is at unbelievably affordable price.


  • Compact: The Outdoorsman sleeping pad is a compact, ultralight choice. It is the best sleeping pad for hammock for hiking and camping adventures. It folds easily that it fits the storage pack of a water bottle.
  • Patented design: The technology features a patented design. The cells are interconnected to give your body optimal support and comfort. It is also suitable for all the seasons as the R-Value is 2.2.
  • Durability: The durability of the hammock mattress is assured though it is flexible and lightweight. The material used is of high-quality that it offers to be rip and water-resistant, ascertaining a comfortable and stress-free sleep.
  • Inflation & Deflation ease: The sleeping hammock pad mattress has air valves that are easy to use. In 10-15 breathes it gets inflated and for extra firmness, include few more breaths. The same is with deflation, you have to release the air valve.
  • Ultralight: The Outdoorsman sleeping hammock is ultralight as it has TPU lamination. It is not prone to tears or holes, while it is more durable.


  • 20D ripstop nylon material
  • Dimensions 73 x 21.6 x 2.2 inches
  • 16 ounces Weight
  • 2 R-value


  • Best affordable
  • Abrasion and waterproof
  • Highly versatile


  • Not ideal for low temperatures.

ENO represents Eagles Nest Outfitters,’ a sleeping pad hammock. It is a specializing hammock brand that is well-known among camping enthusiasts as the best sleeping pad for hammock. For a lush hammock experience, that is equally comfortable, ENO AirLoft mattresses make the right choice.


  • Impressive mat: The AirLoft mat is impressive. It is a specific best hammock sleeping pad mattress fitting perfectly your needs to ensure the coziest nap enjoyment. It has solid insulation of core foam, making it the best.
  • Self- Inflating: This hammock mattress is self-inflating that it allows you to enjoy your outdoor comfortably. You need not have to stress on the breaths. The feature of self-inflating allows you to settle down on the mattress anytime.
  • Detachable wings: The AirLoft mattress is self-inflating is an advantage. The TPU coated nylon on the outer is durable that it prevents tears and rips. The insulated wings are detachable that it can be removed.
  • Bulky: Relatively, AirLoft mattress is heavier, but offers great comfort that people regularly going on camping, find it appropriate. It is bulky so maybe a bit tough for backpacking. However, it is alright for camping.
  • Reasonably priced: This best pad for hammock price is reasonable, but unsuitable for light travelers planning to go on backpacking trips.


  • Nylon material
  • Dimension 72 x 36 x 3 inches
  • 9 pounds of weight
  • Blue color
  • Comfort wings attached


  • Complete insulation
  • Self-inflating
  • Removable insulation wings


  • A bit heavier

Buyers guide:

Hammocks are comfortable and fun. There are many flooding the market that finding the right one is challenging. Sleeping in a hammock is not the same as sleeping in a tent. This calls to consider some of the features to be the best sleeping pad for hammock camping as a buying guide.


Closed Cell Foam Pads- These are backpacker’s staple choices that feature tiny air bubbles offering the anticipated cushioning and insulation to ensure warmth. These are the best hammock pad as the insulation is excellent, it is inexpensive, lightweight, and are virtually indestructible.

Inflatable Pads– They are nylon shells full of air. The significant benefit of these sleeping pads is they are compact and lightweight, not weighing over a water bottle of one-liter. They need to be manually inflated.

Self-Inflating Pads– These self-inflating pads are in nylon material. They need no assistance. They are the best pad for hammock, presenting a matrix of open-celled foam core insulation. It is lightweight providing generous cushioning to beat the cold. They are more durable.


Buying a thicker sleeping pad ensures warmer nights. But if it is thick means, it is less flexible and becomes heavier.

Instead, get thinner sleeping pads, by shelling out a little more so that it retains more heat with better materials. While buying the best hammock sleeping padensure to keep a balance in weight and warmth to meet your needs

Size and Shape:

The size and shape of any best hammock pad have an impact on a hammock’s effectiveness.  Thus, look for sleeping pads with a flared design and rounded corners. There are now hammocks sleeping pads specifically designed such as rails and extendable wings as the best sleeping pad for hammock camping .

A hammock sleeping pad should be size wise smaller. Check the length and width of your hammock and then buy the sleeping pad. Also, get a sleeping pad featuring as easily packable.


R-value is an insulative standard scale. The higher value ensures more heat. For summers, .5 to 3 R-value is enough, while R10+ is required for sleeping pads 4-seasons.


A hammock sleeping pad with crinkly materials makes noise. The best is to look for a non-slip fabric coating sleeping pad so that you enjoy a noiseless night and allow others to sleep peacefully.

Repair Kit:

A patch kit is a must so that you can stitch a snag suddenly or your pad. The repair kits are effective, helpful and inexpensive, then ruining your camping for a sleeping pad .The best pad for hammock should come with a patch kit.

Carry bag:

Mostly, the best hammock pad is compact. Ensure it is easy to roll or fold. It should be a packable bundle to slip into a carry bag.

best sleeping pad for a hammock

Important Information:

Hammocks are comfortable and fun. They are seen as must-haves. Whatever is the best sleeping pad for a hammock, consider these tips to enjoy your hammock:

  • Hang with a good sag your hammock. A 30-degrees or a smiley face ensures deep sag and comfort.
  • Lay diagonally. Raise your foot side higher around 8 to 10 inches.
  • Place a knee-pillow so that your legs are comfortable lying diagonally. Look for longer hammocks than wider ones.
  • Look for bug netting sewed hammocks so that you enjoy bugs-free.

Hammock Safety:

Hammock camping may be a fun alternative, but adhering to these guidelines ensures safety.

  • Hang hammock sleeping pad off the ground, not over 3 feet.
  • Avoid hammock stacking vertically.
  • Avoid hanging hammock above water, sharp objects or even harsh surfaces.
  • Avoid keeping food in the hammock, it is not a tent.

Hammock Benefits:

People love sleeping in hammocks as it offers plenty of health benefits:

  • Falling asleep fast: The sleeping fast is probably because your body is in the right sleeping position that the transition is quicker than lying on the bed.
  • Stronger brain: The hammock swaying motion adjusts that the brain waves become stronger. It also induces a slow boosting with the oscillation.
  • Deeper sleep: People in a hammock fall asleep fast and sleep longer. They enjoy deeper sleep that they get up fresh.
  • Comfort: Hammocks are comfortable. This is because it is suspended in the air and free of pressure points. A comfortable feel of lying in your loved one’s arms.
  • Ideal reading place: Choosing hammocks for reading is the best, you can read under natural sunlight and there is no need for pillows, as well.
  • Insomnia cure: Hammocks sleeping pads cure insomnia to an extent. The hammocks induce sleep to longer periods that sleeping for a long time is itself a cure.


best sleeping pad for hammock

Q: Does a hammock need a sleeping pad?

A: The best pad for hammock offers additional comfort and stability as it is used in a hammock. The hammock sleeping pads ensure you stay cozy and warm. A sleeping pad prevents air from escaping and offers more comfort.

Q: Can a sleeping pad be used regularly?

A: A best hammock sleeping pad can be used regularly. However, some may come in the shape of a hammock, and such pads may not be comfortable.

Q: Insulated and uninsulated, what is the difference?

A:  Insulated sleeping pads feature higher R-value, good insulation to be used in extreme conditions. Uninsulated pads provide support and comfort, but for more warmth, insulated is the right choice.


Hammock sleeping pad is available in numerous varieties and brands. The best sleeping pad for a hammock concept is straightforward but challenging while buying.  However, after extensive research, there are the top best options mentioned above. These are the sleeping pads that make the best choices for hammocks and you can enjoy the cold nights sleeping warm.

The sleeping pad is a must for a hammock. Choose the best hammock pad depends on your use and preferences.  If you dislike cushioning a lot or consider going with light packing, consider closed-cell foam sleeping pad. While, if your choice is to enjoy cushioning and padding, the inflatable pad is the right choice.

Finally, choosing the best pad for hammock should be the one that is suitable for your body shape, size, and sleeping styles.  A wide range of sleeping pads are available and this review will be immensely helpful in picking the one that is the best.

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